RTA – Red Team Assessment

Evaluate from the enemy's perspective.

RTA – Red Team Assessment

Evaluate from the enemy's perspective.

Our mission is to build a safer digital world!

Each person is an unique world of connections, emotions, interactions, and information. Our footprints are now digital!
We are interconnected with everything around us and there are innumerable amounts of data that we generate constantly, orbiting around us.In the digital universe, our data turns into proprietary information and you should be the one to decide how it is used.

As digital beings, we are entitled to security and privacy. Let's build safer digital environments, to ensure you are always at the center of your digital universe!

GC Security is proud to be named a GPTW - Great Place to Work®

Certified company!

We are a company that puts its people first. Beyond technology, we are people who are united by one dream, on a journey towards pursuing our greatest purpose: to create a safer digital world!


We have developed a comprehensive framework that brings together best practices and advanced technologies to guide your company to a robust security posture.

RTA – Red Team Assessment

RTA – Red Team Assessment

Pentesting will no longer keep your company from being in the news headlines.

You must simulate a real-life situation of system compromise, unannounced, in order to measure the effectiveness and scope of your response plan, and to determine whether your security strategy is working as it should.

Governança de Cibersegurança

Cybersecurity Governance

People, processes, and technology aligned to create resilience.

Choose your technological or regulatory framework. NIST, CIS, ISO Standards, PCI, whichever one your company requires, our Cybersecurity Governance has the tools to guide you on the journey to maturity and compliance.

Mentoria de Cibersegurança

Cybersecurity Mentorship

Eliminating communication gaps leads to cybersecurity maturity.

For this purpose, we have created the cybersecurity mentorship: a complete framework that translates and showcases cybersecurity to strategic decision makers in the business.

Estruturação de Comitês Executivos

Executive Committee Structuring

Create a steering committee and drive digital resilience into a competitive advantage.

To solve this challenge, a strategic group must be brought together from across the organization to discuss security matters and make decisions together. We will help you handle this.


Begin your journey towards a safer digital world!

Established in 2008, GC Security works incessantly to manage digital risks, in companies of all sizes and across all sectors, ensuring full visibility into vulnerabilities and security gaps to protect assets, data, applications, people, and systems.


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