Cybersecurity mentorship

Bringing information security closer to boards and councils.

Cybersecurity mentorship

Bringing information security closer to boards and councils.


Solving communication gaps to speed up cyber-maturity.

Time to create a common language for tech and executives.

Technology is embedded in all aspects of business. Cyber risks affect the entire organization, impacting business activities at all levels, and can be a trigger for other relevant risks such as operational, regulatory and reputational. Concerns regarding cybersecurity, data privacy and protection should feature prominently during the planning and execution of any project.

However, truth be told, we need to improve the overall understanding of information security, and this is not just a task for senior management. Expert teams should be able to explain the impact of security breaches on business, revenue, and competitive advantage.

For this purpose, we developed the Cybersecurity Mentorship. A complete framework which will translate cybersecurity to those who make strategic decisions in the company and address this dynamic issue in the best possible way.

Cybersecurity culture begins here:

Our framework consists of reviewing processes, teaching and raising awareness, suggesting improvements, and tracking the implementation.

Review and Assessment

Evaluation of security reports and data, and their relevance for informed decision making.

Training and Awareness

Practical sessions that solve the security comprehension gaps for the Board.

Tuning the Cyber Committee

Back check for purpose and policy, composition, cadence, role authority, and responsibilities.


Follow-up and mentoring period to ensure culture change and strategic action by the Board for cyber security.

Leveraging board governance on cybersecurity.

Established in 2008, GC Security works incessantly to manage digital risks, in companies of all sizes and across all sectors, ensuring full visibility into vulnerabilities and security gaps to protect assets, data, applications, people, and systems.


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